We’re Proud: A Designer Previews Interior Designer gets another big award

At Designer Previews we’ve always been proud of the talented group of interior designers and architects we represent; but we tend not to brag. But, today, I can’t help but share good wishes to one of our — and the world’s– favorite interior designers: The uber talented Jamie Drake. For me to shine the right light, I guess it should have a lavender hue, to spread some wondrous color around, so “think” lavender, please. You see, Jamie has never seen a color he doesn’t love. Well, especially if it’s purple.

Tonight, those bon vivants lucky enough to be attending the Fashion Group International Galaxy 30th anniversary awards, with super stars March Jacobs and Robert Duffy, you’ll be on hand to see Jamie receive the award for interior design. He’s in great company, among other recipients, for fashion, are Alexander Wang, Angela Missoni and Christopher Kane.

This is hardly the first award for Jamie. He’s received oodles of them and has been on every “best” list ever printed. He’s been at this for 30 years ( or is it more?!) and he deserves it all.

Jamie  knew from a young age that design was his calling; choosing to study at Parsons and The New School, in NYC. Today, he’s among the most sought after of designers, and it’s a privilege for me to work with him.  See, it’s not only about his creativity; his exuberant and daring use of color; his elegant glam factor; or his love of luxury; for me, it’s really about his depth: It’s his multifaceted vision that holds me spellbound. His eye is always dialed to just the right “on” position. His range is vast — from period traditional to eclectic to modern.

Here, a few photos of Jamie’s work, including one from a project for a very particular client– Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who wanted Gracie Mansion redone in 3 months.

Also, a recent Architectural Digest story on Jamie’s own new home in a Manhattan high rise.

Kudos to Jamie for all his great work. Have a great night Mr. Drake – you deserve it!

First 3 photos: Orange, purple, turquoise, yellow, luscious fabrics, romance, sumptuous, edgy, elegant, modern, beautiful, luxurious, unexpected…..words for Jamie’s work are best kept to the point. The images speak for themselves.

bottom photo: The stunning parlor room at Gracie Mansion in period style, but so fresh, check out the rich color and the stunning green Schumacher velvet on the chairs.

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