Recalling a visit to a special hotel in Spetses Greece

It’s so cold on the east coast that I’m focusing on being in Greece. I’m remembering driving through miles upon miles of olive groves, the unreal color of the water of the Aegean Sea, where we would swim until 8PM at night. I’m imagining sitting on my balcony on the island of Spetses. Yes, holding onto memories of my  recent travels to Greece is a way to warm my spirit on this chilly night. Having one of the best climates in the world, visiting Greece in late August-early September, as I do, is perfection. So today I’ve decided the way to stay warm is by sharing my visual recollections from my visit to the tiny island of Spetses. I’m remembering its unrivaled beauty and my incredible stay at one of the most magical of all hotels — the legendary Poseidonion Grand hotel.

The Poseidonion embodies old world glamour, it’s timeless. Built in 1914, it’s truly one of the great European style hotels. It appears more to akin to what one might see in Venice,  in its architectural style, than is typically found in Greece. It’s a classic. And it was recently redone. Whoever handled the renovation did so carefully. Keeping the original marble cantilivered staircase and other early features like stucco ceilings, and patterned floor tiles. The character of the hotel intact. And what character it has. From the intimate reception desk where guests check in, after a short walk from the boat, (Spetses has no autos, so one walks, takes a carriage, or rides a bicycle) one enters the hotel and immediately your pulse slows. The aforementioned staircase is straight ahead, sunlight spilling through the windows against the pale walls; it’s instantly  soothing. There are various small sitting rooms, the library bar, restuarants, one chicer than the next. All with different decor. I wanted to live in each of them forever. Furnishings are simple, elegant, but quiet and subtle.

The room I’m dreaming of right now, was done in soothing dove grey tones, faced the sea. With a small balcony, where I sat and drank cappuccino and just gazed into the deep blue color of the water. In Greece there are always distant  purple-pink hazy views of mountains, and that was the scene from my balcony too. The gauzy curtains that draped the French doors blew gently with the breeze. I wanted to remember the moment forever, so tonight, I’m right there in that room.

Spetses, or “The island of perfumes”, as it was named by the Venetians or “Pityousa” (which in ancient Greek means “full of pine-trees”) is very close to Athens, so you can easily get there, and if you do, don’t even consider staying anywhere but the Poseidonion, I promise you, it’s unforgettable. Eat breakfast on the spectacular verandah, sit and soak up the beauty and calm in each of the bars and public spaces, rest by the new pool, or go to the spa. Walk the main road of Spetses, next to the sea. Have a look here, it’s unforgettable.

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    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Spetes is an amazing island and the Poseidonion is too! Bravo sou!

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