new modernist rug collection expresses mood through the colors of nature, from art work by Joseph La Piana

Carpet and rug making is a centuries old tradition where the artistic vision has been expressed by an individual maker, who was also the weaver. In the 20th century, modern artists such as Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso, discovered rug design. They, along with Pierre Cardin, Verner Panton and Ottavio Missoni, all began to extend their creative vision to this medium; designing carpets for interiors, which were equally modern. Now, Joseph La Piana, the New York based artist, is among them.

La Piana’s recently launched collection of rugs has been done in partnership with the venerable custom carpet and rug boutique, Patterson Flynn & Martin. The collection is in all 8 of the company’s showrooms across the country.

The result includes wondrous interpretations of his artwork, with a palette of natural hues that reminds us, especially at this time of year, of the colors in nature. That idea is always in La Piana’s eye, as a keen observer, he is entranced with form and shape, and what occurs with the interplay with light. His work is an abstract expression of these natural occurrences. Therefore, the rug imagery features abstract, biomorphic shapes, or at times a range of subtle to vivid striations of color. The rugs literally mirror La Piana’s canvases, drawings and photographic work. In this collection, he often deconstructed larger works, to adapt smaller sections of them. Then, once woven with wool and silk these new iterations of imagery become their own evocative story. The muted color palette is earthy, with warm grays, sepias, mulberry, and soft browns.

These rugs will look perfectly at home in a modern interior, an eclectic mix, or even contemporary designed room. The rugs are timeless, like nature, so they lend themselves to many kinds of interior design.

There are 24-patterned rugs in the collection, and any can be ordered in a hand tufted or hand knotted version. Most are combinations of wool and silk. See all at:, available to the trade.

Left image- Fresh Pond (in rich magenta) is all silk and hand-tufted.

Indigo Ink- wool and silk and hand knotted

Fluid Movement-wool and silk, hand knotted,


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