Miami Beach redux: Italian designer Paola Navone imbues a 1939 hotel with a new design for the Metropolitan By COMO

My first visit to a COMO hotel was in Ubud, Bali. It left a beautiful imprint in my mind. I have memories  filled with exotic images. I haven’t returned to Bali so when I heard about the Metropolitan by COMO Hotel opening on Miami Beach, with a new interior design by Italian designer Paola Navone, I was determined to check in. I now write this from my  hotel room with the doors to my terrace flung open; ocean breezes causing the curtains to billow and whoosh.

The building, a 1939 jewel, in a prized beach front location, was designed by architect Albert Anis, and originally known as the Traymore. The name is still atop the pure white structure, as it has been for 76  years. Anis was an important architect in Miami throughout the 1940s and contributed to the distinctive mix of modernism and Art Deco that exists on Miami Beach even today.

And as it happens, this weekend, while I’m here is the one-year anniversary of Metropolitan by Como Hotel opening!

And, I’m celebrating!

The soothing color palette is dominated by a muted mint hue, and of course white, juxtaposed with stunning terrazzo black and white floors, with an unusually vivid pattern. Upholstered furniture throughout the hotel is done in gray and white. It works. Other smart choices — huge glass enclosed showers with powerful rain-shower heads,  tufted white leather closet doors, perfectly executed lighting, both in guest rooms and public spaces, all make an impact.

The repeated circular motifs used throughout have been inspired by the original building, and much of  what remained was integrated into the new design. This is all the superb vision of Navone. For those who care about their visual environment, along with a great beach experience, the design here is unquestionably among the most chic and sophisticated on Miami Beach.

At Designer Previews we stay in many hotels, and I’ve seen quite a few on this visit to Miami Beach.  In terms of design, none compare to the Metropolitan by COMO. When we leave the hotel,  we feel the difference upon returning. The lighting is enveloping and dramatic. Simple floating globe lights hang from the soaring ceilings, mix elegantly with an astonishing array of Serge Mouille spider arm sconces; a brilliant concept on Navone’s part.

Of course the exterior spaces are as well conceived as the interiors: there are multiple terraces with couches and large beds draped with white fabric to shield from the sun. And others around the pool area. An overscaled  hydrotherapy pool on the roof, with 15 different “stations” of jet-pressure,  is surrounded by large white beds. It’s the ideal spot to chill at sunset; the beach and horizon viewed from above is a show stopper.

Metropolitan by COMO is for people who care about the senses; as all of them are indulged here. I think you get the idea.


Metropolitan by Como Hotel
2445 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach