Buon Natale Promemoria –looking forward to more beautiful furniture in 2015

This year the Christmas parties have been beautiful, yet one is especially memorable: At the Promemoria showroom, a few days ago, I felt— for a moment— transported to Italy.  I was suddenly in Milan. The crowd was chic, the Proseco was flowing; the pasta abundant. I was actually attending their celebration, “the traveling pasta party,” held by the Milan-based company for the holidays in NYC, and today on, December 18, it will take place in Milan, although (sadly) I won’t be there.

To experience the atmosphere in a Promemoria showroom is to feel enveloped in a timeless sense of luxury. One is surrounded by what can only be called couture-like furnishings. And, it’s a sensory experience. The sofas, fabrics, cabinets, chairs, lighting, tables and objects, aren’t only alluring to see, one feels compelled to caress them.

A finger slipped through a cast bronze sculptural form opens the elegant cabinet doors; like jewelry, it adorns the exotic woods (maccassar, ebony, Tuscan cypress) favored by the creative team who craft such pieces. The sumptuous pleasure of sinking into the silk, cashmere and velvet, that drape the sofas and chairs so elegantly, is seductive and memorable.

The exquisite level of detail, the finest materials, the influences of Art Déco and Far Eastern culture, combined with the best Italian craftsmanship, is the distinctive achievement that belongs to Romeo Sozzi, the founder and creator behind the divine collections of Promemoria.

On the showroom floor in NYC right now, one can find pieces from the 2014 collection, as well as others for 2015, several, I’m told are dressed in Loro Piano cashmere.

And if I could be in Milan tonight, I’d eat pasta, run off with another of the famous Milanese Panetone, (specially made for Christmas) that Promemoria gives guests every year.

I would tell Mr. Sozzi how much I admire his work. I would wish him a Buon Natale, and ask for an invitation to next year’s party!

Promemoria showrooms are found in Milan, Paris, London, Moscow and New York.

PROMEMORIA NEW YORK -The Fine Arts Building – 232 East 59th Street

tel. +1 646 588 4409



Pasta photo by Josh Wong