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What does Halloween have to do with art, design & lithography? Everything! Don’t miss this exhibition at Woodmere in Philly

I unexpectedly discovered the exhibition Things That Creak in the Night: Selections from the Halloween Collection of Peter Paone at Philadelphia’s Woodmere Art Museum, last week and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how whimsical yet thought provoking it is.  Not only because Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, but because what’s on view […]

Head Butler encourages us to think in a new direction

Jesse Kornbluth is DP’s guest blogger today. His ever-brilliant Head Butler post focuses on Ross Chapin’s book about Pocket Neighborhoods, and the ideas Jesse shares on the subject are resonant and vital.  Especially now. Anyone who drives the roads of the Hampton’s sees the Joe Farrell signs growing more prevalent.  I see on a daily basis, […]

citizenM: A Hotel For The Global Citizen Where the Traditional Hospitality Model Is tweaked, just enough

citizenM, the recently opened ( to rave reviews)  hotel, has changed  Times Square forever. Its vibe is part Northern European and part Northern California. Yes, it’s that hip and high tech; comfortable and high touch. Literally. From the moment you check in; operative word, YOU– meaning, you check yourself in. It’s easy: simply insert your […]

Barbra Streisand, the play ‘Buyer and Cellar,’ linked by an insightful blog post

When Barbra Streisand’s 2010 design book, My Passion for Design http://www.barbrastreisand.com/us/a-passion-for-design-book was published, I was among those who rolled their eyes and thought, “Oh now she’s an expert in this field too.”  Thankfully, playwright, Jonathan Tolins had another — more thoughtful – and humorous interpretation. His play, Buyer and Cellar, showing at the Barrow Street Theater, […]

Forget holiday shopping, the mall, or Soho, this weekend: Opt for an unforgettable musical experience.

I’d been planning to head up to The Cloister’s, the Metropolitan Museum’s exquisite uptown outpost, for months. I knew that visiting the former Benedictine monastery, originally from the Pyrenees, with its covered walkways and  large open courtyard, in full autumnal color would be ideal.  I had already been told that hearing The Forty Part Motet was […]