A Design Hotel in Athens with the most amazing beds — find them in New York’s Soho

A recent Greek sojourn began with a night in Athens, made special by my choice to stay outside the city center, in the leafy neighborhood of Kiffisia. I zeroed in on the destination, the Nafsika Hotel, because I knew they had Coco-Mat beds! I had stayed in other hotels where the beds were featured, and after a 13-hour, two- flight trip, I knew I was guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

The hotel not only features the aforementioned beds; it’s a branded hotel, operated by the esteemed Greek lifestyle company Coco-Mat, www.coco-mat.com. Ecological comfort and consciousness along with good design  have been the mantra at Coco-mat since the company first launched their mattresses in 1989.

At Nafsika, bicycles are offered and encouraged as a means of tranport to see the beautiful neighborhood. Delicious healthy food is prepared in the open kitchen off the chic, comfortable lobby, where white linen covered furniture is casual and welcoming.

In the guest rooms, of course, the bed is the star–and the sheets that dress it– made of all organic linen in pale, earthy colors, are also dreamy. As I slid between the sheets, on that incredible mattress, within seconds, my jet-lagged body drifted into the most delicious sleep I’d had in months.

In the morning I discovered the beautiful garden, it was quiet and I was surrounded by lush greenery and a canapé overhead. Yummy Greek inspired healthy food was served. The hotel staff is eager to please and welcomes weary travelers with warm hospitality; a trademark of both Coco-Mat and Greece.  If you want to head into the city center, it’s easy to take the nearby Kiffisia subway, and be hassle free.

OK, just as you were thinking of going to Greece (good idea) to check out the beds, and becoming intrigued about Coco-Mat; if you’re in NYC, you’re in luck! Just head downtown to Mercer Street in Soho. There, a modern, two-level store features the full range of beds, mattresses, toppers, as well as sheets, towels and furniture.

What makes these beds so special is the simplicity of the concept: everything is organic and metal free. Springs have no role in a Coco-Mat mattress, but natural rubber and coconut fiber, as well as seaweed, horsehair, cactus fiber and wool do play a role,  in these utterly unique, indescribably comfortable mattresses. The beds can be customized for body type and sleeping preference because of the layering system, which can create isolated support for different parts of the body. And, ( I can’t believe no one else has thought of this) each layer is wrapped in removable, washable covers. Too smart, right?!

The Soho Coco-Mat store carries a full line of natural pillows, and furniture. The company is among the most successful in all of Greece, and now has 65 stores, (as cool as the Soho store) in 12 countries,world wide.

If you want to really get what Coco-mat is about, click here, http://www.coco-mat.com/?i=coco_us.en.hotels and tour some of the most astonishing hotels around the world. I promise you, this will be impossible to resist.

COCO-MAT SOHO store: 49 Mercer(between Broome St & Grand St) 
New York, NY 10013 
(212) 431-2626   www.coco-mat.com

Hotel Nafsika, http://nafsika.coco-mat-hotels.com/

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