Mid century sofa | Mexico city design | design influences from Europe

A 1940’s Mexico City home, (now a B&B) has design influences from Los Angeles & Europe

When I travel I often feel as though I’m a character in a play. A play that’s been going on for decades. It’s a kind of theater. What do I mean by this? When I go into a new city, a new hotel, it’s like entering a story that’s always being told— and now I get to be a character in it. I believe it plays a part in why those of us who love travel become addicted to it. It’s liberating to feel someone else’s life; see the objects and collections others have lived with; even if it’s only fantasy. I want to immerse myself in someone’s history. Living, even for a few days In the houses of others, and to let our own story mesh with one that already exists— and is constantly evolving- is exciting.