Cities around the world are under construction. Cranes dominate the skylines as much as tall towers. And many of those new tall towers represent 21st-Century development: Residential towers now offer updates amenities: swimming pools, shared lounge areas, sleek lobbies and libraries, media rooms, and rooftops with lounges and grilling accoutrement. Lifestyle dominates the architecture of new residential construction, and developers seek out the most inventive creative teams. The same is true for commercial development which is also pushing the envelope. Look around your city, if it’s Miami, Los Angeles, or New York, I promise you abundant commercial and residential development is seen everywhere. In the Hamptons, another kind of development is also robust. New houses that evoke classic shingle style, or those that are modern loft-like spaces. Also, on trend are expansive barn-like residences that outfitted in an industrial style. When it comes to development the sky’s the limit.