About Designer Previews

Designer Previews is truly the only personalized service of its kind. And we know that looking for the right design professional can be overwhelming.  With the help of our personalized service to guide you, that process can be more productive, efficient and even fun! We’ve learned from our clients how daunting it is for them: They let me know how they value letting me do the heavy lifting; as you’ll see if you take a moment to read the testimonial page.

Please know that you’re not alone in this search. I get it. I understand what’s involved and how to connect clients with the best interior designer, or architect – based on shared aesthetic, design philosophy, scope, type of project, budget requirements and work style. And, we’ve done exactly that – thousands of times.

It starts in our first conversation, when I learn a great deal that prepares me for our in-person consultation. We’ll go deeper into your preferences and specific design needs and explore designer portfolios based on our first discussion. It’s a dynamic process, where together we’ll focus and narrow the choices until we arrive at a refined list of designers for you to meet. In most cases, one, or sometimes more than one, of these designers are the perfect match.

I believe that the designer and client should have a ‘click’ with each other — a connection, based on a shared vision for what can happen in your home.

There is magic in this process. It’s why I love what I do. But make no mistake, magic — especially when it comes to finding the right creative connection to do something great together — is the result of experience, knowledge, and my deep commitment to service. 

A class style plaid upholstery on a contemporary style chairs mix with striped sofa elegant floral pattern fabric for long curtains antique rug
Upholstered chairs in a gray blue tone, photo gallery, iconic double pendant Italian lighting from the 1960s